Reactions to Chief Zvimba’s attempts to exhume Mugabe’s remains

Remains of the late former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe might be exhumed.

Zimbabweans took to social media to express their shock to the bizzare letter which was written to Grace Mugabe by Zvimba Chief. The chief accused Grace of profaning his area by burying Mugabe in a house in Zvimba instead of laying him to rest at the Heroes Acre. The Chief said Grace failed to follow the Zvimba culture in burying her husband.

In the letter the Chief invited Grace to avail herself at his Murombedzi court for trial.

Chances of Mugabe’s exhumation and reburial are so high if ongoing developments are anything to go by. Zimbabweans who are trying to coming to terms with such an ugly development expressed their views on social media. Below is what they said.

HON Job Wiwa Sikhala@JobSikhala1

This is bizzare in our society. This attempt to exhume the late Robert Mugabe’s body from Zvimba for reburial elsewhere should raise curious questions on the motivating reasons. Regai mudhara uyu azorore paakada. Munochidii chitunha chake

Hope Jnr@Jnrhop·

Kuroya chaiko

Mangwiro Nobert@mangwiron·

He put scams at Heroes Acre, reportedly forced some to be there! Why then doesn’t he want to be united with the “Heroes” he buried there. Let’s drag him there, he discredited that place he must carry his cross even in death.217


Demmet! There is some element of truthfulness in wat you saying..

Douglas Munya@sheltonmushava

Everything ndezve coercion, command reburial ,command poaching Kazungula bridge,command agric,command garrison shops,command zupco…


Command organ harvesting…..

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