Reactions To Ngarivhume’s Arrest During Clean Up

Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume was Tuesday arrested during a clean up in Mbare, Harare, and no charges have been laid against him yet.

Police officers who picked him just said they were ordered to pick him if he was seen picking litter from the streets.

We present below some reactions that followed Ngarivhume’s arrest.

Baba Abbie @BabaAbbie:

_This means it’s actually the Zimbabwean people who have a serious problem. How do we allow this nonsense? That drunk staggering police officer sums up the quality of police we have. I insist the problem is not what we think is, our police._

Mai mumu @Maimumu20:

_We deserve the suffering sometimes. We normalize the http://abnormal. My heart bleeds._

One day @wefallnrise:_

Environmental Management Agency (EMA) encourages us to pick up litter and keep our places clean. Police et al picks up who picks litter. Kwatirikuenda kurefu._


typical, diabolical Zimbabwean police_


Shame on the ZRP. They don’t want Mbare clean because they think the people living there are trash_

Dr Chiroto@DreamTeam_Zim_

Only in Zimbabwe: Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume has been arrested for initiating a cleaning campaign in Mbare. This Zanu govt will do anything to ensure there’s dirt so they can continue to finger City Councils_

HON Job Wiwa Sikhala@JobSikhala1

I am hearing that ZBC is announcing that ZANU PF is going to carry out a clean up campaign in Mbare tomorrow & that they hv hired many front loaders to do the same thing @NgarivhumeJacob was doing. Yu arrested Jacob 2day and you are doing what he wanted to do. You are Satanists.

HON Job Wiwa Sikhala@JobSikhala

The pathetic dictatorship of ED has arrested, kept @NgarivhumeJacob for hours at Matapi Police Station and released him without charge but a strong warning NEVER to pick litter again anywhere in Zimbabwe. Chinyika chedu chonyadzisa.

HON Job Wiwa Sikhala@JobSikhala

NgarivhumeJacob has been picked by the police and is currently at Matapi Police Station in Mbare. NO charges have been pressed against him. They are only claiming that they have been instructed to pick him if he is seen picking litter in the streets of Mbare.

#31julyOfficial @31julyofficial_

@NgarivhumeJacobstated that the Mbare clean up represented more than that. The actions of the police have exposed the rot in government. Instead of celebrating citizen initiative, they block it to hide their failures._

The General! @MachonaTawanda_

Yeah, it rather is… The politics will always be at play, but the people of Mbare also need to be responsible with their environment, they can always clean up after themselves without it getting politicized. I’m just saying._

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