Zimbabwe Observer to launch a sister newspaper in Australia

Esther Dube, Operations Manager of Mswazie Connexion

Buoyed by the roaring success of Zimbabwe Observer, Mswazie Connexion, shall be launching a sister digital publication in Australia next February.

The new paper, Canberra Observer, shall be joining Zimbabwe Observer and Vaal Observer which are published by Mswazie Connexion, a media company registered in South Africa.

The Company released a media statement last night after a meeting of board of directors in Sydney.

The Operations Manager of Mswazie Connexion, Esther Dube, said the board of directors were excited by Zimbabwe Observer‘s incredible perfomance.

Zimbabwe Observer‘s readership is growing everyday as Zimbabweans dotted around the globe visit our website in masses to get news from home. We broke even four months after starting the publication and now with AdSense on board, our fortunes are multiplying everyday,” said Dube.

According to an online website tracker, MonsterInsights, Zimbabwe Observer broke the 100K readership record on Monday. MonsterInsights show that the website is posting a daily sessions of 15K and has a bounce rate of less than 3%.

Zimbabwe Observer started this year and is already sponsored and powered by google advertising.

“More than 40% of our visitors to the website are returning readers and we pride ourselves in the kind of news breaking stories that we carry everyday,” said Dube.

Esther revealed that the majority of Zimbabwe Observer readers were drawn from Zimbabweans based in UK and Australia.

“We are also enjoying a huge followership in South Africa, Zimbabwe and United States,” said Esther.

Esther said the Australia publication was not necessarily targeting the Zimbabwe audience but Australian readers who she said were so diverse.

“We are not going into the Australia media market to compete with anyone, but to give our Australian readers a unique media product to consume,” she said in a statement.

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