Health scare for chained Sikhala as his legs get swollen

Job Wiwa Sikhala is reportedly ill in prison

Detained MDC A Vice Chairman Job ‘Wiwa’ Sikhala is reportedly in bad shape at Chikurubi Maximum prison. His legs are swollen and is experiencing breathing difficulties.

Sikhala’s wife said her husband’s legs were badly swollen because of chains fastened to his legs and hands.

“Vazvimba makumbo zvisingambo iti nekuda kwe chain dzavakavaisa,” said Mrs Sikhala. Loosely translated as, his legs have swollen up badly because of chain.

Sikhala was arrested a couple of weeks ago and is facing charges of inciting violence emanating from his call for a peaceful protest which was scheduled for 31 July.

The Zengeza West Legislator was denied bail by Magistrate Lanzini Ncube last Thursday.

His Lawyers have since appealed the judgement to the High Court. His case appeal will be heard on Wednesday.

The 31st July Movement (J31M) spokesman is reportedly chained all the time in detention. Sikhala’s deteriorating health surfaced as an ANC delegation heads to Harare to hear about cases of human rights abuses and general breakdown of the rule of law in Zimbabwe.

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