Zimbabwe Observer’s two pictures of the week

Zimbabwe Observer shall be carrying two pictures of the week every week. The pictures will have an online life span of seven days. New pictures will loaded every Sunday. The idea is to tell stories through pictures.

The Editor chooses from a pool of the pictures emailed to him by readers.

The picture must be be capable of being stand alone pictures, should be newsworthy, both interesting and on interest to our readers. The Editor’s decision is final.

To get the ball rolling, we have a picture of Hongera Siluhu, daughter of the new President of Tanzania, giving her mother a congratulatory kiss, soon after her inauguration

The second one is an unfinished house of the daughter of the late President Robert Mugabe, Bona and her husband Simba Chikowero. The house is perched on a leafy and bushy environment. One wonders if construction of this house would still be in inertia if the dad was still alive and at the helm of Zimbabwe.

To send us your pictures in a PJEG format email me at; editor@zimbabweobserver.co.za or whatsapp the pics to +61412243124

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