Woman weds her dead husband before burial

In a rare but also bizarre development, a woman officially tied the knot with her dead husband just before his burial.

Beatrice Mbayi who is a member of the contentious Jerusalem Church which is led by the Prophetess Mary Akatsa tied a knot with her late husband William Godfrey Mukalama in Funyula Busia County.

Residents in Funyula who had come to attend the burial were left shell shocked upon releasing that Beatrice was going to get married to her dead husband before burial.

Just like any other ordinary wedding, on the ground were garments spread out to create a path that would lead the bride-to-be from her house to the tent where the body lay.

Fully clad in a wedding gear Beatrice played the blushing bride as she walked down the aisle to tie the knot with her now-deceased husband, who lay lifeless in a brown casket.

She was also escorted by her fellow church members who were dancing and ululating.

The wedding was presided over by a man who also did help the bride to put a ring to the finger of the late as a symbol of their marriage.

“We are aware it is not your wish to have a wedding ceremony in this manner, but kindly accept this ring so that you and your wife will remain one,” said the man presiding over the ceremony as he told the groom.

When they were done with the marriage rites, they celebrate the marriage before the ceremony reverted to a funeral.

Mukalama was immediately buried after the burial ceremony.

Meanwhile, it is not yet clear what inspired Beatrice to get married to her deceased husband.

However, according to Atinkanews, Beatrice, just like other followers of the sect, is believed to have been brainwashed by the teachings of Prophetess Mary Akatsa, whom they call ‘Mummy.’  Apparently, the controversial Jerusalem Church followers view death as graduation.

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