MDC Defectors Are Mnangagwa’s Clansmen


Exiled Political Science professor Jonathan Moyo has said five of the former MDC officials who have joined the ruling Zanu PF party are President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s clansmen.

Moyo alleges that all five were lured to the ruling party by the Central Intelligence Organisation ( CIO) and the significance of the defections is that they highlight “Mnangagwa’s illegal and dirty clansmanship at State House”. Moyo tweeted:

THE ETHNIC OPTICS around the list of “defectors”, lured from the MDC by the #CIO, tell an ugly tale of Mnangagwa’s illegal and dirty clansmanship at State House: Tongai Matutu, Lillian Timevous, Blessing Chebundo, James Makore and Obert Gutu; all homeboys and a homegirl. Awful!

In another development, the MDC Alliance has castigated the Mnangagwa-led government as a dictatorial regime following the recall from Parliament of Harare East legislator Tendai Biti. A post on the party’s social media pages read:

Mnangagwa’s anti-people, the dictatorial regime has unlawfully recalled VP #BitiTendai from Parliament to thwart his anti-corruption drive in the Public Accounts Committee. He was due to table the ZINARA & Command Agriculture Reports & was leading the ZESA & Land Baron Inquiries.

The latest bout of unlawful recalls also affects Hon. #SettlementChikwinya, Hon. #Phulu, Hon. #Madzimure , Hon #Tsunga & Hon. #Mahlangu.

The recalls are patently unlawful & follow a letter written by a person who had no authority to do so. Mnangagwa’s attempt to usurp the #PeoplesAgenda won’t succeed.

The continued onslaught on the will of the people and civil liberties must be fought tooth & nail through a Citizens’ Convergence for Change.

Mnangagwa’s illegitimate regime is an enemy of the people. He’s bludgeoned democracy & tainted Parliament with his legitimacy crisis.

On Wednesday the speaker of parliament officially announced a notice from the PDP secretary-general Benjamin Rukanda that Biti, William Madzimure (Kambuzuma), Settlement Chikwinya (Mbizo), Mahlangu Sichelesile (Pumula), Regai Tsunga (Mutasa South Constituency), and Phulu Kucaca, cease to be their members, hence they cannot be parliamentarians for the party.

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