Gospel musician dumps preaching to join prostitution

Evidence Jiri, preacher cum prostitute

Controversial Zimbabwean social media personality Evidence Jiri has opened up on why she dumped being a gospel musician to become a thigh vendor.

In an interview with local tabloid H-Metro, the outspoken socialite, who is affectionately known as Chihera by her followers, sensationally revealed that she had dumped the gospel as well as her faith after being enticed by money and carnal pleasures.

In what must have come as a huge shocker for her fans and fellow congregants, Evidence Chihera dumped preaching the word of God and joined the oldest profession. She became a thigh vendor and for some time plied her trade in Harare’s infamous red-light district in the Avenues area.

For those who may not be familiar with Evidence Jiri, she released two albums in her brief career as a gospel musician: “Ngandikundi” in 2008 and “Ndirwirei Jesu” in 2010. She also made the headlines when she accused fellow gospel musician Mathias Mhere of stealing the chart-topping hit song “Favour.” She claimed that she penned the song but delayed in releasing it, which resulted in Mhere allegedly stealing the song.

Jiri said that she has decided to move away from gospel music and into secular music because she does not feel ‘clean’ to sing about God and the gospel due to her career as a sex worker.

“I am a musician and will remain a musician but I am no longer into gospel music because I have smeared my garments with fornication and adultery,” Jiri told H-Metro.

“Music is within my veins and the same veins have dirty blood of sinning and this forced me to dump gospel music and turn to Afro-fusion.”

The former gospel musician also unashamedly confessed to bedding numerous married men who include some prominent gospel musicians as well as preachers. She recently released a song titled, “Chihure Hachisekanwi” in which she warns people about stigmatizing thigh vendors and other commercial sex workers.

“One of my songs I released soon after dumping gospel music is Hachisekanwi and I penned this following stigma I suffered overturning to sex work.

“To be honest with you I bedded several married men, some musicians and even some men of cloth while singing gospel in the name of support.

“…Ndakaona kuti kunevafundisi vanemukurumbira vanoda kuzviita kunge vatsvene asi vachirarama muzvakaipa.

Chihera said that she will be releasing a new 6-track album next month. On the album which is titled “Nhamo Ndimirire,” Jiri collaborated with Peter Moyo as well as several local artists based in South Africa.

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