Police were instructed to arrested Mwonzora before congress

MDC T President Douglas Mwonzora

Newly-elected MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora has claimed that police called him in the morning of the congress saying they had instructions to arrest him before congress.

Mwonzora was being accused of embezzling party funds to fund his presidential bid against Thokozani Khupe, Morgen Komichi and Elias Mudzuri but he has denied the charges.

Speaking during an interview with Magamba TV, Mwonzora revealed that he was tipped by police in the morning that they were under instructions to arrest him. He said:

I did not have physical possession of any money but Dr Khupe and company, at that point in time were feeling the pressure of the election it was clear that this election was going to be lost on their party.

I was surprised the morning before (congress), around 5 am, I received a call from the police officer that they had instructions to arrest and lock me up, and I have no doubt that this was meant to subtract me from the venue of the election.

Mwonzora maintains that the allegations were a smear campaign meant to affect his chances of winning the MDC-T presidency.

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