Tendai Masotsha bares her true CIO identity

BULAWAYO – MDC Alliance Bulawayo women’s wing chairperson Tendai Masotcha has claimed that Tawanda Muchehiwa was abducted by state security agents after they uncovered his role in an alleged plot to bomb government buildings.

In an audio recording circulated Monday evening, Masotsha said she had warned Nelson Chamisa’s righthand man, Jameson Timba, that she would soon go public with the terrorism claims if the party did not persuade ZimLive editor Mduduzi Mathuthu, Muchehiwa’s uncle, to stop linking her to the abduction.

“Ndakamutaurira Timba kuti vakaramba vachindiisa mukona ndinotaura zvese kuti vaida kuita bomb government buildings uye kuti ane vanhu 20 vaida kumubetsera (I told Timba that if they continue pushing me into a corner, I will reveal everything and their plans to bomb government buildings. Tawanda told me he had 20 other people who were going to help him)”), she says in the recording (video above).

The audio recording will raise fresh headaches for the party with questions as to why Masotsha, a senior party leader, would have kept information about an alleged terrorist plot away the security department.

Masotsha is also accused of refusing to cooperate with MISA lawyers as they battled to file a habaes corpus application, following Muchehiwa’s abduction. At the time, she was the only witness to the abduction but refused to put on record that the intelligence operative who had later taken her to Bulawayo police station was the same man who had seized Muchehiwa from the vehicle from which they were sitting together.

Despite Masotsha being cleared to return to party work by Harare, newly released documents show sharp differences with Bulawayo about her role in the abduction with calls for her to be removed from her position.

Flyers distributed by Masotsha at the time, calling for protestors to “attack the police in the homes”, remain central to questions about her motives with fears she was working to entrap party activists and lend credence to claims by government that the July 31 protest was going to be violent.

“We now fear Leader Tendai, fear her behaviour and recommend that the National Disciplinary Committee formally compels her to reveal the real source/s of the subversive flier, what the source or sources’ intention were and who printed the fliers. Indeed, we want know where the fliers are from?” provincial secretary Alderman Eanerst Rafomoyo said in a September 1 internal party communication copied to party leader Nelson Chamisa, secretary general Charlton Hwende and spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere recommending Masotsha’s expulsion from the party.

The MDC Alliance had refused to answer any further media questions on the matter.

Below are the responses to Masotsha’s rants

Tawanda Muchehiwa

Tendai Masotsha sounds exactly like my abductors when they were torturing me. That she claims I told her of these plots further suggests she was source of that fake intel. That conversation never happened. Only sit-down was in a car with @DrNyashaForMP. Did he overhear this?

Prof Jonathan Moyo@ProfJNMoyo·

TENDAI MASOTSHA’S audio is a confession by a senior MDC-A official that she conspired with Mnangagwa’s Ferret Force; as an informant cum agent provocateur to get Tawanda abducted & tortured for ALLEGEDLY planning with 20 people, some foreigners with guns to burn public buildings!1:575.8K views723788

Prof Jonathan Moyo@ProfJNMoyo

If Masotsha’s crazy claims are true, why did she, as a senior MDC-A official, not counsel Tawanda; a young university student? Why did she play along with him & his allegedly violent & treasonous plot which she disapproved of? It’s now clear why Masotsha was not arrested. Tragic!8753

Prof Jonathan Moyo@ProfJNMoyo

TENDAI MASOTSHA has no choice but to dissociate herself from her insane audio by saying it’s fake or that Mnangagwa’s Ferret Force kidnapped her and got her to record it at gun point!

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