Breaking: Joe Biden wins US election! Will Trump Concede?

Joseph R. Biden Jr. has been elected president of the United States, defeating President Trump by promising to restore civility and stability to American politics and vowing more aggressively to combat the surging coronavirus pandemic. Donald Trump, however, has promised to challenge the election through the supreme court.

Mr. Biden, 77, on Jan. 20 will become the 46th president and the oldest man ever sworn into the office. On Saturday, three days after Election Day, he secured the requisite 270 votes from the Electoral College the New York Times projects.

The election, far closer than many experts had predicted, was history-making: Mr. Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris of California, is the first woman, and the first woman of color, on a winning presidential ticket.

Defiant Trump continues to dispute this position saying he won this election citing irregularities in the process.

“I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!”, Trump Tweeted.

Earlier Trump had complained how some ballots were received way past voting deadline and that observing of the election was flawed.

“Tens of thousands of votes were illegally received after 8 P.M. on Tuesday, Election Day, totally and easily changing the results in Pennsylvania and certain other razor-thin states. As a separate matter, hundreds of thousands of Votes were illegally not allowed to be OBSERVED…” Trump said.

….Bad things took place during those hours where LEGAL TRANSPARENCY was viciously & crudely not allowed. Tractors blocked doors & windows were covered with thick cardboard so that observers could not see into the count rooms. BAD THINGS HAPPENED INSIDE. BIG CHANGES TOOK PLACE!

This information according to Twitter remained unverified and cautioned as,

Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.

Trump has promised to challenge this result in the Supreme Court believing he has won.

“I had such a big lead in all of these states late into election night, only to see the leads miraculously disappear as the days went by. Perhaps these leads will return as our legal proceedings move forward!”, Trump stated. –iHarare Live

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