Government hikes school fees to as high as $55000 per term

Minister of Education Cain Mathema

The government has given the green light to schools to hike school fees, a move which will result in some pupils at boarding and urban day high schools paying $55 000 up from $6 000 and $20 000 up from $3 000 per term, respectively.

Some schools are reportedly demanding payments in United States dollars for non-examination classes set to return to school on Monday.

The minister for Primary and Secondary Education Cain Mathema on Friday said the government has approved the fees hikes since no parent had formally raised objections with his ministry. He said:

No parent has complained to the ministry, every parent or guardian knows what needs to be done.

Schools reopened for examination classes – Grade 7, Form 4 and Form 6 – on September 28 following a six-month break triggered by the coronavirus.

The second batch of students comprising Grade 6 and Forms 3 and Form 5 will report for lessons on Monday while the last batch is expected on November 9.

Meanwhile, teachers’ unions have insisted that their members would continue with their industrial action until the government has addressed their demands for a pay hike.


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