Chiwenga hides behind Covid 19 to suspend by-elections

Zimbabwe's Vice President and Minister of Health Constantine Chiwenga suspends by-elections

Minister of Health, Constantino Chiwenga has indefinitely suspended by-Elections which where scheduled for 5 December 2020.

The suspension will remain in force for the duration of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Nomination court was supposed to sit on 9 October 2020 for the by-elections nominations to fill the vacancies left by MPs and councillors who were recalled by Thokozane Khupe’s MDC T.

Nelson Chamisa’s political outfit is expected to win back all the constituencies where his MPs were recalled.

Zimbabweans are already fuming on social media over Chiwenga’s decision which they described as constitutional.

Below is what some said:

Professor Jonathan Moyo

Shame. The macho move is unconstitutional bluster. Simpru. It attacks the right to vote, enshrined under s67 of the Constitution, and is discriminatory in that it deprives the affected constituencies of their right to be represented in Parliament; and is manifestly unreasonable!Quote Tweet

Everson Mushava

Health Minister Constantino Chiwenga has suspended the holding of by-elections due to Covid-19. The move is a blow to Chamisa whose MPs and Councillors were recalled by Khupe ⁦@Wamagaisa⁩ ⁦@JamesonTimba⁩ ⁦@ProfJNMoyo⁩ ⁦@kholwaninyathi⁩ ⁦@bbmhlanga⁩

MDC Alliance

The suspension of by-elections in circumstances where Zanu PF & its proxies continue to recall lawfully elected MPs & councillors is a vicious assault on the will of the people & the greatest threat to our democracy in as many decades. This is fascism. Democracy is dead.

Alex T Magaisa

I’m surprised when I hear some who think Chiwenga is a better devil. He is not. His doctrine is militarism.

In the last 7 days he has:

1. conscripted junior doctors into the military &

2. banned by-elections

Both are ominous signs of what the man stands for: Command & Control

Sibanengi Dube

Today I then realised why the General opted to double as both Vice President and Minister of health. I am sure all those who missed the logic, can now connect the dots. The rationale is to serve Zanu PF and Thokozanu from the embarrassment of losing all by-elections to Chamisa

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Walter Mzembi

I think it’s our people who have no breaking point , they will be abused and abused and still panel beat around their crisis until even those that want to help throw their hands in despair for their lack of conviction ! What will move them ?Quote Tweet

Dr Godfrey Gandawa

Zanu PF is conducting its DCC elections where people will gather, and votes cast. Mnangagwa is addressing gatherings at Mutendi’s church. People queue daily for ZUPCO buses. But elections cannot be held, ostensibly because of Covid-19. They have no shame.


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