A herd of 100 stray buffalos roaming in Bulilima district

A herd of over 100 buffalos are reportedly roaming in areas around Makhulela, Huwana and Khame in Bulilima District where they are wreaking havoc and instilling fear in villagers in the district, The Standard reports.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) rangers have reportedly killed some of them and there are no reports of death or injuries caused by the roaming buffaloes according to Bulilima Rural District Council CEO Brown Ncube:

They are causing a lot of fear and are a threat to humans as you know they are dangerous animals. But at the moment we have not yet heard of reports of people injured or killed by them.

A report about the Buffaloes that was released by Habakkuk Trust revealed that ZimParks rangers in the company of a veterinary doctor are working towards averting the crisis:

The buffaloes, which were visibly dehydrated, are in a desperate search for water as natural reservoirs in most areas have since dried. The buffaloes gunned down were in close proximity to households, one of them was shot as it was roaming around a granary.

Tests for anthrax and other zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted to domestic animals will be conducted on the samples

A villager that spoke to the publication about the buffaloes:

We really have problems here, recently we had elephants causing problems and now a herd of buffaloes invades our area.

The same area in Bulilima was also invaded by some elephants that destroyed some infrastructure sometime early this year.

–The Standard

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