HCC landscandal: Town Clerk allocates stands to wives?

Aerial view of Harare Town

HARARE City Council (HCC) town clerk Josiah Chisango has been caught up in a scandal in which he reportedly ordered the allocation of residential stands to two women (suspected to be his ‘wives’) in any of Harare’s leafy suburbs, Zim Morning Post can reveal.

The two women have been identified as Mellisa  Kadiyo (ID number 63-1420325P-68), who got a stand in Bluffhill suburb (Stand number 3316) and Sarudzai Kamoto (ID number 68-020891-A-68), who allegedly received (Stand Number 1096) in Malbereign about a month ago.

A letter seen by Zim Morning Post and said to have been written by Chisango to HCC Housing Director Admore Nhekairo, dated March 9, shows that the two did not receive the stands by following due processes, rather by word of mouth.

“Pursuant to our verbal discussions in my office, I write to reiterate my (earlier) instructions (for you) to allocate the above named persons residential stands in any (of Harare’s) low density surbubs,” reportedly wrote Chisango to Nhekairo.

Kadiyo reportedly received her stand on March 27, just two weeks after Nhekairo received instructions from the town clerk to that effect.

Chisango also allegedlly ordered the allocation of a residential stand to Kumbirai Karoro (ID number 15-203356 L 46).

The letters reportedly written by Chisango – instructing the Housing Director to favour the two with stands – show that he played a critical part in the allocation of the two housing stands to non-deserving  people and without following due processes.

HCC is currently in a quandary after 14 of its top officials were implicated in a US$1.1 million residential stands scandal.

The scandal also sucked in Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba, who was arrested in July and is currently out on bail.

Gomba was reportedly involved in the illegal creation and sale of stands, with irregularities in the approval of plans and production of fraudulent layout plans, in the process prejudicing the HCC of thousands of dollars.

Other people arrested over the issue include Clemence Chimbari (Regional Prosecutor at Harare Magistrates’ Courts), police investigators Claudious Majonga, Aaron Karuru, Naboth Nyachega and Obey Moyo, who all reportedly received stands as a way to bribe them.

–Zimmorning Post

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