EFF to mobilize 50 000 fighters to close Zim Embassy in SA

EFF Commander-In-Chief Julius Malema

By Zimbabwe Observer Reporter

Julius Malema’s militant Economic Freedom Fighters has threatened to close down the Zimbabwe Embassy in Pretoria in protest of human rights violations across Limpopo River.

EFF Secretary of International Relations told the media that his party was in the process of mobilising 50 000 South Africans to shut down the Zimbabwe Embassy in South Africa if Zimbabwe does not recall its man in Pretoria, David Hamadziripi.

The development followed after Hamadziripi warned EFF to stop interfering with Zimbabwe’s internal issues. This was precipitated by the Party’s criticism of President Emmerson Mnangagwa for compensation disposed white farmers.

Malema on Monday called for the closure of Zimbabwe’s Embassy in South Africa until the human rights’ situation in Zimbabwe has been addressed.

Zimbabweans who are members of the 31 July Movement, based in South Africa have also indicated intentions to join the EFF march to close down the Zimbabweans embassy.

“We are in the process of setting up a meeting with EFF with the intention to join them in their march. Hamadziripi must go and be at home with his fellow human rights abusers. The Zimbabwe government is abducting and torturing citizens right round the clock,” said the spokesman of 31 July Movement who preferred anonymity.

In a tweet, Malema said failure to close the embassy would result in the EFF preventing any Zimbabwean government official from participating in any gathering in South Africa.

Watch the video below:

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