Three more MDC A youths picked up last night

Detained leader of Transform Zimbabwe Jacob Ngaribvume

By Zimbabwe Observer Reporter

Zimbabwe police have escalated their arresting sprees as the regime’s desperate efforts to thwart the Friday mass protest against corruption go into overdrive.

The protest was initiated by the detained leader of Transform Zimbabwe Jacob Ngaribvume.

Police picked three Harare South MDC Alliance youths, Emmanuel Mukwemu, Petronella Mapaire and Trynos Hove last night from their homes.

MDA C A Youth spokesman Stephen Chuma told Zimbabwe Observer that the trio were picked up last night by suspected state agents, who then dumped at Harare Central Police Station this morning.

Chuma said they were facing ‘capricious’ charges of mobilizing for 31 July demo.

“As an Assembly, we would like to make it clear that arrests or no arrests 31 July are going ahead,” said Chuma who is also on a police wanted list.

Chuma maintained that Zimbabweans can no longer afford to continue to allowing ‘the illegitimate Emmerson Mnangagwa and his family to devour the national cake while we are starving.’

“There is no going back on the fight against corruption! Enough is enough!” said Chuma ’statement.

A lot of other MDC A leaders including unionists and members of protest movements are in hiding while scores of others are in police cells dotted around Zimbabwe as ED’s government tries to put a stop to the impending 31 July protest. A respected journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono is also in detention over charges of inciting citizens to revolt against the the government whilst the kingpin of the 31 July demonstration, Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala is mobilising from underground.

The protest is against ravaging corruption at the apex of Zimbabwe’s government leadership.

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