From underground, Wiwa pours out his heart to incarcerated friends, Chin’ono, Ngarivhume

Zengeza West MP, Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala

Dearest my dear friends Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume:*

Heartfelt greetings my dear friends Hope and Jacob. I am in deep agony knowing well that you are unjustifiably incarcerated for your bold stance against the endemic looting and corruption to the chagrin of our people, the position we dearly share. I am in tears as I am writing this letter to you, understanding the current circumstances you are in. What gives me courage is my knowledge of history.

This has been practiced by all authoritarian and tyrannical regimes which in the end met tragic downfall in the world. Kamuzu Banda in Malawi promulgated a constitution in Malawi in 1966, that made all decisions of Courts answerable to the Ngwazi. The judiciary was used as a weapon of oppression where different political critics of his regime were executed and put in prison using the judiciary. Every judiciary officer under Nazism in Germany was an extension of the holocaust system. The judiciary was used to exterminate and liquidate the Jewish race advancing the illusionary notion of the supremacy of the Aryan race. In our country, Ian Douglas Smith took handholding control of the judiciary to persecute nationalists and all those who were fighting the injustices of the minority rule. Fortunately, the coup ruler of today was the victim of the same judiciary system. He has no shame to perfect the art of oppression more than one who nearly send him to the gallows. Get solace my brothers that in North Korea since the assumption of power by the Kim dynasty, the judiciary is such a circus used to pass sentences of execution to every critic of that outpost of dictatorship.

Our country has turned into a sad corner of sadistic judiciary delivery. Culprits accused of the corruption where given bail in an hours’ time but those who unearthed it denied the same for exposing the corruption.

I am happy that I am receiving news from my colleagues in the legal profession that you are in high spirits. Likewise here we will never relent on our fight against corruption. I am missing you my dear friends. Remain strong. Our country needs men and women of valour to stand up and fight for a just society. We don’t have any other country to call home. It is incumbent upon us to fight on behalf of the voiceless millions. The entire nation is rallying behind you despite glaring oppression. Millions are in solidarity. There is massive pouring of solidarity messages from throughout the entire universe. We have put mechanism for the massive domestic and international campaign to expose what our country is. An outpost of dictatorship and tyranny.

May God take care of you my dear friends. I am with you in heart and soul.

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